stretchmarks is a form of scaring on the skin on the abdominal area due to sudden weight gain.there are also various causes of stretchmarks such as pregnancy,surgeries also genetic diseases such as MAR F mAN SYNDROME.

Here we came up with natural home remedies that will assist you in clearing those stretchmarks;

1.aloe Vera

aloe vera is a succulent plant species of genus aloe,it has been used mainly as a traditional herb as skin treatment it aids on repairing the epidermis because it contains vitamin E,it assist also in building of collagen fibers in the skin reducing stretchmarks appearance on the skin,ensure you apply gently on your affected area.

2.coconut oil

it is an edible oil extracted from mature coconuts it is used in many natural beauty products because of its antibacterial and anti fungal property it is also a good moisturizer for the skin.apply topically on your skin massage well and wait 5 to 10 minutes for the oil to be is also ideal skin cleanser for make up,air pollution and dust that may detach on your face.

3.cucumber juice

cucumber juice is widely used plant it firstly originated from has been cultivated for 3000years and introduced to other parts of the world,it has countless health benefits from controlling of blood pressure to prevention of kidney stones.we shall expound on its benefits on the skin,cucumber contains vitamin C and caffeic acid which assist in reducing skin irritations and swelling,so whenever your re headed to the groceries ensure cucumber is on your list.


4.coca butter

is extracted from coca bean it is also used of making tasty  chocolate.Coca butter assist in skin moisturizing it assist in healing dried up and cracked skin because it is easily absorbed by the also stated to assist in healing of cracked lips and also fight of signs of aging due to its antioxidant ability and tenderness to keep the skin smooth ,so if you want to look more fresh and younger this is a good way to start.

this are natural approved ways we researched,but there are brands and companies that sell their products some are able to clear off the stretchmarks while some are disappointing.



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