High blood pressure affects over I billion people in the world and new cases are reported daily in day out this is a condition whereby the blood flow is higher than it’s normal range where the normals are 120 systolic and 80 diastolic it would normally appear 120/80 if it exceeds 140 for the systolic and 90 for the diastolic then concerns should be raised and close monitoring should start immediately. High blood pressure may not exhibit any alarming symptoms it is very important for you to visit any health facility for you to get tested. here we came up with 7 ways that will assist you in controlling your blood pressure:


What you put inside your body can generally affect how it works many approaches have been set up in order to link diet and blood pressure which has led to the creation of dash diet meaning dietary approaches to stop hypertension. The dash diet encourages you to reduce the sodium in your diet and eat variety of food rich in nutrients e.g potassium, calcium and magnesium that will assist in lowering your blood pressure other from the dash diet there are foods that may reduce your blood pressure such as Dark chocolates studies have showed that chocolate is made from cocoa which improves the elasticity of the blood vessels assisting the arteries to provide more blood flow thereby reducing the blood pressure. The other one is olive oil which is the best fat in lowering blood pressure also new studies have shown that patient who actually substitutes olive oil in their diets lower the rates of blood pressure. The third one is garlic, garlic increases the amount of nitric oxide which helps the promotion of vasodilation hence lowering the amount of pressure exerted in the walls,also leafy greens assist in lowering of blood pressure due to high potassium they contain leading to the excretion if sodium in urine.you also need to reduce the amount of sodium intake in the body(avoid table salt)also avoid processed food because they contain high amount of salt.

2.Reduce stress

Whenever you are stressed your body releases hormones which increases your blood pressure,due to stressful situation it may lead to long-term hypertension.so anytime you feel you are in a stressful situation just talk to somebody you listen and trust it helps in calming down your thoughts and knowing your are not alone.

3.Exercise and increase activity

Sedentary lifestyle is very harmful to overall health the increase of modern technology everything seems to be made more easier where people choose elevators instead of stairs,the television in our living rooms makes it even more harder for us to take a ten minute walk and enjoy the fresh wind.Regular exercise improves our heart and helps in the reducing of unwanted fats in the body,it also assist in the dilating of vessels allowing the blood to flow in much more slower matter.

4.Avoid smoking

Long term usage of tobacco increases your blood pressure by damaging your blood vessels causing inflammation and narrowing of arteries hence the blood will not have an easy passage causing it to pass at a high flow leading to hypertension.

5.Reduce the consumption of caffeine

Caffeine may cause an increase in blood pressure even for a normal person.caffeine is a psychoactive drug that stimulates  certain hormones in the brain,caffeine assist in re energizing the body by doing this your blood pressure increases.But not all caffeine are harmful drinking strong drink containing caffeine are mostly contraindicated the best caffeine drinks are tea which is usually mixed with milk reducing caffeine effects.

6.Reduce consumption of alcohol

Alcohol is generally contraindicated for your health it affects major organs in the system such as the liver and kidney ensure to limit the amount you take.alcohol can raise your blood pressure by 1mmhg(the amounts used in measuring hypertension) for each 10grams of alcohol consumed and a normal drink may contain 14grams.Stopping immediately from alcohol may be hard but ensure you drink responsibly.

7.Taking of medication as prescribed

Ensuring you adhere to the medication prescribed to you may assist very much in controlling your hypertension condition,some of the medication are vasodilators such as hydralazine,also drugs such as methyldopa, nifedipine and many other the doctor may prescribe a combination of the drugs depending on your condition.