Everyone gets exited to start a family with the perfect person it’s something almost every being is determined to begin,however it may not go as planned.it may be disappointing for a couple who are aspiring to have children go for over 2 to 3 years of them unsuccessfully not getting a child of their own that is if they are sexually active and no contraceptives used.Here we will discuss factors affecting fertility.firstly we shall discuss infertility:this is the inability to achieve health or to carry pregnancy to term after 1year of unprotected sex.we gathered up some information on factors that affect male and female fertility;


  • less sperm count(oligospermia)or no sperms at all
  • injections such as gonococcal Chlamydia who h may  cause  lockage of the Vans deferens after healing and scarring also injections such as mumps which  may interfere with spermatogenesis(creation of new sperms)
  • undescended testis this is whereby the testis remains in the abdomen due to this the testis will be exposed to a warmer condition which will  not be a favourable for sperm production
  • in some research indicate that excessive  coitus(sex) or lack of coitus(sex)may lead to disruption of sperm production.
  • fertility may also be caused by weak erection  where the penis will not be able to accomplish penetration in order to provide the sperms.
  • congenital malformation of the penis(hypospadias)this is the condition of the penis whereby the opening is under the penis.


  • cervical hostility this is where the cervical mucus is unreceptive to spermatozoa it prevents the advancement and kills the sperms.
  • Another common one is cervical incompetence this is whereby the cervix begins to widen even before pregnancy has reached term this  may lead to cases of early abortion.
  • Endometriosis- this is a condition whereby the tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside the uterus due to this the woman will bleed alot(menorrhagia)hence complication will arise while she is still trying to give birth.
  • Uterine fibromyoma (presence of tumour in the uterus.it enlarges and causes blockage to the uterine cavity providing no space for the baby
  • Infection (STI’s) may lead to tubal blockage hence there will be no process of fertilisation between sperm and ovum.
  • Congenital malformation such as bulletin agenesis this is where there is no uterus or ovaries in the body,without this two major organs it would be impossible for a woman to give birth.

but there also general factors that affect fertility such as age,health and nutrition and psychological factors.