Rape is a big problem in our society today,statistics on rape and other sexual assaults are commonly found in industrialized and also developing countries.Rape is a highly Under reported crime this is because the victim may be afraid of the perpetrator because the act may be caused by someone close or even a powerful person in the society.Rape must be treated with much seriousness as it puts the victim in  more dangerous situation because it affects his/her physical,mental and emotional health.


firstly we will begin in defining what is RAPE;is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration carried out against a person without that person consent.There are various types of rape;

1.Diminished capacity rape;this is the type of rape where a person forces sexual penetration on another person who cannot consent to the sexual act.The person cannot consent this is due to limited intellectual ability,this may happen if a person is drugged or intoxicated.

2.Incest rape:this is type of rape where the act is committed by a family member.most of the people who fall under hear are children who are offended by their caregivers.

3.Partner rape;also known as spousal rape it involves marital rape where the offensive act may be committed by husband/wife.partner rape may also be subjected to other types of rape such as;battering rape( which involves both physical and sexual violence),force only rape(involves controlling another person),Obsessive rape(involves torture)

3.Age related rape(statutory rape) this is the type of rape committed against a person below minimum age,even when a person has consented and is below 18years he/she is still regarded by law as a minor.

4.Aggrevated rape-force sexual act which may endanger the life of a person and cause serious body injuries to a victims health.

Here we came up with major steps that need to be conducted when a person is sexually assaulted.


Ensure you are in a safe position first,ensure you reach out to a person you completely trust,tell them what happened because it reduce anxiety and also helps the victim get comfort.it is important to know that what happened was not your fault and don’t be afraid to speak out on what happened to a person you truly trust.

Seek medical assistance

Treatment is usually the most vital step in a victim situation.The individual may be reluctant due to fear of being judged always remember that it is not your fault,ensure to seek medical advice so that life threatening condition could be taken care off.

in medical management the following steps are followed; History taking for adults this involves on general health,any illness,any operation,any infection diseases,any allergies also it may involve gynaecological history;use of any contraceptives,first Fay of last menstrual periods,any pregnancy and when was the last consented sexual act?(if it is a woman)the question assist the medical practitioner in collecting proper information that could be displayed in court.investigation may also be carried out for example urine to test for pregnancy or blood to test for HIV virus.some of the investigation that may be carried out for evidence purpose include urine analysis for epithelial cells and high vaginal swab for evidence of spermatozoa.medical management of rape may also include tetenus toxoid to help fight off infection that may occur,other drugs that may be prescribed are PEP(post exposure prophylaxis).PEP decreased with length of time from exposure to first dose,therefore administering the first dose is priority.People presenting later than 72hrs after assault should be offered all other aspects of post rape care but not pep.The recommended pep regime for adults is zidovudine -300mgs and lamivudine-150mgs for 28days.You may also be advised on the side effects such as Nausea,Headache,vomiting,tiredness and also general aches and pains.

Pregnancy prevention;the clinician will prescribe an Emergency contraceptive pill.the emergency contraceptives pill is to prevent pregnancy and not form an abortion,unless a woman is pregnant test should be performed first to exclude such cases.Drugs that may be administered are postinor 2 involves taking 1 tab 12hrs apart or taking 2 tabs at a go there is also another drug named Nordette which involves taking 4tabs 12hrs apart(total 8tabs).A follow up pregnancy test should be conducted at least six weeks until emergency pills are administered.

A rape victim may be predisposed to STI’s infection administration of antibiotics such as Norfloxacin 800mg may help in the prevention of the infection that may arise.

The other major step that should be taken is to seek psycho social help;

survivors of sexual violence react differently,some victims may experience immediate psychological stress while others may experience the problems for a short time.Heree the a trained counsellor applies different principles in dealing with different b people.

Most people have episodes of panic attacks or flashback to previous hurtful moments,attending therapy will assist the client in not feeling alone and that there is  a person willing to listen to them at this difficult times.Also by joining social groups of victims with similar stories helps you to share and also listen to others this will assist you in overcoming the problem.

Here are some of the problems that a victim of rape may go through some may be solved through therapy and social support:

  • You may have problems with male friends or have a problem creating relationship with make counterpart s(if you are a female victim)
  • some days are horrible it will run through your head  over and over,some days you will get sick.
  • Having sex again can be hard and painful
  • you may become antisocial and tend to draw a line with the society.

But with all this factors through therapy and social support the victim may improve positively and continue with his/her life

Ensure you report to the police;The sooner you report to the police the sooner the evidence would be eligible.The evidence collected at the hospital is very vital since it will be presented at the court.Rememeber never be afraid of reporting the incidence ensure someone may accompany you to the the station.

Here are some of the advice we summed up after sexual violation

1.Ensure that you don’t shower or change your clothes this is for proper collection of evidence

2.Visit a health facility as soon as possible even if you don’t have visible injuries

3.Ensure you speak to someone about the incidence this reduces depression

4.Report the crime to the police station.

Always remember you are not responsible for what has happened to you.