Pregnancy is one of the most important periods in a woman’s life,this is where the whole family excited to bring a newborn into the world and in so doing the mother should be equipped with enough information about various ways of recognizing Danger signs during pregnancy.On this article there are various emergency danger sign’s that we are going to discuss to help you understand each one of them in simplest way as is advisable whenever the following sign’s appear make sure to rush the mother to hospital for proper and effective management of the situation.

1.Vaginal bleeding

vaginal bleeding during first trimester(first 3 months of pregnancy) is mainly regarded as normal that is if the bleeding is not heavy or presence of spotting and the woman has no abdominal pain but it is advisable for you to see a midwife for further inspection.

Bleeding may be caused by various factors for example changes in the cervix due to hormones produced during pregnancy,ectopic pregnancy,vaginal infection and also molar if vaginal bleeding occurs it is advisable you should seek immediate medical attention especially if bleeding is accompanied by pain or cramping.


This is a condition where the body muscles contract and relax rapidly resulting to the uncontrolled shaking of the body.convulsion during pregnancy may endanger both the mother and the fetus,ensure that there are no obj sects around that could harm the mother during the convulsions.Ensure the mother is immediately rushed to the hospital where management including Magnesium sulphate will be administered in order to control the conclusion.

3.Severe headache with blurred vision

Headaches may be common during pregnancy but if it extends to where symptoms such as blurred vision start to show it is considered a medical emergency.some may try to use acetaminophen to alleviate the pain but ensure you consult your physician before taking the drug,this is because most drugs are contraindicated during pregnancy.

4.severe abdominal pain

Despite abdominal pain during pregnancy being normal you should not exclude the fact it is a major complications.The pain may also increase and make it difficult to breathe,walk or speak.

if the pain increases and prevents you from doing day to day activities you should seek immediate care.Severe abdominal pain may be due to various factors such as ectopic pregnancy,placental abruption,miscarriages and also urinary tract infection.

5.little or no fetal movements

The foetus(baby)starts to move at 16weeks which is known as quickening which is overall 4 months,after 4 months you should start feeling some movements inside your is the duty of the mother to take note of when and how many times the baby moves or kicks.sometimes  it may be difficult for the mother to actually know the condition of the fetus and thus where the midwife comes so it is very vital for you to take frequent trips to the hospital for check up.

6.severe Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting may be considered normal during pregnancy this is because of the change of hormones that presents in a pregnant woman.But sometimes vomiting may be very persistent and develops to a condition known as hyperemesis gravidarum,the condition should be managed as quickly as possible to prevent further complications to both the mother and the fetus.


This is unusual lightness of skin Compared with your normal complexion.Paleness may occur due to lack of blood supply and oxygen into the body.Paleness is a major symptom of Anaemia(low blood volume), anaemia is likely to occur due to the large demand of blood by both the mother and the fetus.

conclusion: Ensuring that the safety of both the mother and the fetus is catered for is very important to achieve a normal healthy delivery which may be tackled by preventing such complications from arising.

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