it is that time of the year when both you and your partner are having a conversation about bringing the little person down to earth,well you may also get excited of becoming a parent and you are eagerly waiting for that moment you will hold your baby well no need to worry as we will engage with you step by step on how to become pregnant.

pregnancy may occur majorly in two ways 1.vaginal intercourse(majorly used method) the other way women may get pregnant is without having sex is by undergoing a procedure named (IVF) Invitro fertilization.we shall discuss both of the methods and try to simplify them as possible as we could. to get pregnant through vaginal intercourse

Before engaging in sexual activity first there are some guidelines you need to put in place first.

The guidelines ate;

1.Ensure you get off your birth control ahead of time.if you have been using birth controls whether implants or pills first lay them of for some time.This is because the birth control tend to inhibit the chances of a good environment for pregnancy to ensure you give yourself time after you stop your birth control to enable to kick-start your pregnancy period.

2.Engage in sex before you ovulate: The next most important factor is knowing when you ovulate,whereby the time your eggs are released is regarded as the most fertile time for you to get ensure you check your fertility calendar and know you’re most fertile days.There are also major ways that may assist you in knowing the period you ovulate such as monitoring of basal body temperature and takin the ovarian test.

3.consider giving a boost in sperm production;there is nothing wrong with ensuring that you give the right energy and nutrients required for enough sperm production.Here are some list of things you could do to help you increase your sperm count

  • Ensure to eat enough nutrients especially Zinc and Vitamin C which is a major booster in sperm count
  • Avoid hot showers/baths this is because hot environment do not favour the production of sperms
  • limit the amount of intake of alcohol substance and also tobacco this is because the abuse of drug substance are strongly associated with infertility in both men and women.

2.How to get pregnant using IVF(in vitro fertilization):

This is a complex procedure used to treat fertility and assist in conception of a child.During the in vitro procedure the matured egg are retrieved from the woman’s ovaries and fertilized by the donor sperm in the lab(Mayo clinic)the procedure is commonly used to treat complications during pregnancy.

in conclusion; Getting pregnant involves various factors not just the pre-pregnancy plans but also the post-pregnancy plan.Ensure you also keep in touch with your medical health team which will assist you to make a proper plan.

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