so many ways have been set up on how to lose belly flat but here we set up some of the best natural ways to consider while trying to lose that extra fats and get a nice lean tummy;

shed that extra belly fat

1.Diet(reduce the consumption of sugary substance)

Mostly of our body is determined by mainly what we eat.On this article we shall discuss on the type of food to consume and the ones to avoid,firstly avoid sugary foods and beverages this is because when you consume a lot of added sugar’s the liver converts the excess fructose(broken down)into unwanted fats that are deposited in various parts of the body on of them being your belly.

Studies have stated that excess sugar leads to increased belly fat which may lead to insulin resistance which could progress to a chronic condition such as Diabetes.ensure you limit your craving bit by bit because it may become impossible to stop at once.

2.Consumption of healthy protein

we all know that protein are body building foods and assist in building of lean muscle,proteins tend to reduce fats in the body by increasing metabolism in the body by doing this excess fats are burned off.But there is a huge difference between processed proteins and healthy proteins,so ensure you consume more healthy proteins such as plant proteins(legumes) and also white meat in most cases.

healthy proteins


We couldn’t talk about loosing fat and not talk about exercising,we live in a modern world where the use of human energy is very limited as compared to the rising machines; people prefer excavator rather than the staircase.There are various types of exercise that which assist in burning excess fats even a walk to the park could be of help you could also sign up for aerobic exercise,you may also do some exercise at home which may majorly focus on your abdomen such as plank’s,sit ups,pike and extend.To get good results through exercise you will need a lot of discipline and ensure you do the exercises correctly to prevent any major injuries on your body.

exercise for better health

4.limit the amount of intake of alcohol

Studies have shown that excessive intake of alcohol is actually harmful to your health ensure you moderate your daily intake.Heavy intake of alcohol may lead to obesity which will ultimately lead to the deposition of unwanted fats in your body.

5.Reduce stress

Generally your emotions have an effect on your body whether your happy or sad.whenever you’re stressed your brain is triggered and releases hormone cortisol which tends to increase your storage level ensure to take a deep breath whenever encountered by problems you could also speak to someone you truly trust.

6.consider eating healthy fats

We all have been fanatics of fast foods,as much as we love them they add some unreasonable fats in our body they tend to increase our cholesterol levels and pose a threat to our cardiac system. Consider eating healthy fats such as coconut oil or fish oil supplement such as omega which have been found to reduce visceral fats and  also will improve your health.

so we hope we have been of help to you ensure you follow each one of the method and be consistent to get your result.Ensure that you sign up below for more information;

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