Pregnancy is one of the best thing that can happen in a woman’s life, although there are some complications that may arise but no need to worry we are here to inform you about the best healthy pregnancy tips to assist you to enjoy the best pregnancy period.

Here is list of best healthy pregnancy tips we shall also discuss them one at a time to reveal more understanding;

1.Ensure you visit your clinician first

2.Ensure to include a healthy diet in your meals

3.Educate yourself with more information about pregnancy

4.Rethinking of your household chore

5.limit your alcohol consumption

6.Exercise during pregnancy

7.Involve your partner

This are the major tips that every pregnant woman should include during pregnancy.let us discuss them further;

1.Ensure to visit your clinician.

it is very important to visit your clinician before and after pregnancy ,the reason for visiting your clinician before pregnancy is; There are various tests that may be conducted such as blood group and also Rhesus test.The reason for rhesus test is because of rhesus incompatibility,this is where a rhesus negative(-) mother gives birth to a rhesus positive(+) which may lead to major complications during pregnancy because the antibodies of the mother will tend to fight the antigen of the baby.Visiting the clinician together with your partner is very important because the early you get tested the earlier the management will of the management of rhesus incompatibility during pregnancy is that you as the mother will be administered with an antidote to correct the incompatibility.The other reason to visit you’re clinician is to diagnose of any major complications that may arise during pregnancy and could be treated efficiently.

2.Pregnancy Diet

Diet is very vital during pregnancy this is because your body tends to need additional 200 to 300 calories from the normal your consuming before pregnancy,also remember that you’re now consuming for two so additional of meals in between the day will assist boost your energy.

Ensuring that you consume a well balanced diet during pregnancy will also prevent other complications from arising such as Anaemia.Also ensure you drink efficient water(8-10glasses) a day to prevent dehydration and also assist the efficient blood flow to your body.

3.Educate yourself

Ensure to attend your birth clinics where a various information may be provided to assist you during your pregnancy.The importance of educating yourself you will gain more knowledge on your pregnancy and also the care of your baby after delivery.You will also learn what to expect during labour and provide you with right knowledge on how to prepare a birth plan.

4.Rethinking your household chores

You may ask why  should i rethink my household chores this is a very major aspect during pregnancy.There are some chores that may endanger your pregnancy as compared to others.Here are some of the chores you should avoid

1.lifting heavy luggage,this is because lifting of heavy luggage causes a strain to your back which may lead to back pain,it may even extent and lead to premature ensure someone is around for carrying those heavy bags.

2.Avoid cleaning of pets and animals,this is because pets may contain some major parasites and germs which may be a huge risk to your immunity.

3.Using of harsh chemicals which may produce toxic fumes that may lead to upper respiratory tract infection.

well we are not saying that you shouldn’t do anything but be careful and not put yourself in harms way.

5.Ensure to avoid alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption during pregnancy is considered harmful for both the mother and the baby(fetus).when a pregnant mother consumes alcohol it goes straight to the baby(fetus) through the blood stream which may  lead to a condition named fetal alcohol syndrome(FAS) the condition affects the child throughout his/her life.The condition majorly affects the brain development of the child.

6.Exercising during pregnancy

Exercise is one of the major aspect to consider during pregnancy,because it assist to improve your level pf energy,posture and also reduces the chances of developing back pain.most of the exercise are considered safe if you do not overdo them.Taking a walk in the park is very beneficial to your body because it will improve the efficient circulation of  blood in your body.You could also practice kegel exercise which improves your pelvic muscle and assist to support your uterus and bladder.Kegel-this is whereby you hold your urine for about 2-3 seconds and release repeat this for about 5 times.

7.Ensure to involve your partner

it is very important to involve your partner through the whole pregnancy is very important to know that you will not be able to handle everything by yourself so bringing your partner on board is one of the best option.

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