One of the major questions many women have is about returning back to their normal bodies after giving birth.Yes it is achievable but you have to set your mind in a positive manner before you set up guidelines.Here are some of the ways we have set up to ensure that you lose weight after pregnancy.

1.Be patient

Yes the number one tool is patience,this is because your body has  undergone alot of changes during the time of pregnancy.Losing weight after giving birth has been vastly discussed since it is even hyped up by celebrities who tend to amaze us after giving  birth and being fit afterwards.The truth is everyone is different and your body may undergo changes more than your other counterpart.So i would advise on being patient and giving yourself time.


Breastfeeding is one of the major role a mother has to play after giving birth.This is because it ensures the bond between the mother and her baby is made more stronger. Breastfeeding will help the mother lose weight without a major change to the mothers diet.Breasfeeding your baby helps you to lose calories through the process,there also major studies conducted that state that breastfeeding assist in the burning of calories hence the lose of weight.

3.Eating of high Fiber diets

Consuming of healthy fiber diets assist in majorly reducing your weight.So ensure you add a couple fiber in your diet,various studies suggest that adding fiber in your meals assist in controlling your weight.Ensure you start your day with a healthy fiber such a oatmeal,which will assist in controlling your weight.

4.Avoid added sugar(refined carbs)

Sugary foods are top list meal’s you should consider limiting.This is because sugary foods contribute to major health problems such as heart disease and diabetes,they also lead to condition such as obesity.The consumption of sugary foods increases your appetite more than usual,it also leads to excess calories being stored leading to weight gain.

5.Consumption of protein

Protein is one of the best diet to consider in order to lose weight this is because protein helps to boost your metabolism and also decrease your appetite.Protein helps to reduce the level of hunger hormone Glurelin.Protein also increases calories being burnt,a high calorie intake will enhance and boost your metabolism and increase the amount of calorie being burnt in day.

7. Regular exercise

This is one of the most effective way to reduce weight,but now since your just out of labor ensure you don’t strain yourself,engage yourself in exercise such as yoga,small walks to the park and also stretching exercises.

8.Consider drinking adequate fluids

Ensure that you drink 8-10 glasses per day this will assist to prevent dehydration and assist proper functioning of the organs hence promote also assist in the replacement of the fluids lost during the day.

in conclusion; gaining weight before and after pregnancy is very common in women,the most important factor is realising that everyone is different and it might take more time as compared to others,so ensure you give yourself time and follow the tips above for great results.